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About The Company

Who We Are?

Welcome to NewTech Steels, a dynamic company founded by a team of highly skilled professionals with over six years of expertise in manufacturing and erection facilities. We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of storage tanks through continuous research and development efforts. Our dedicated team, comprising experienced planners, ingenious designers, and proficient construction engineers, excels in transforming your vision into a tangible reality. Our primary goal is to deliver top-tier quality and cutting-edge technologies to our valued clients, ensuring consistent quality and on-time product delivery.

At NewTech Steels, we stand out as the best Zinc Alume tank manufacturer in Delhi NCR, specializing in the production of premium-grade storage solutions. Our offerings include Bolted Panel Storage Tanks, Zinc Aluminium Tanks, PVC Liners, and Grain Silos, all meticulously crafted to meet the most stringent industry standards. Our tanks adhere to the latest guidelines, including the Australian AS 1397:2002, American standards ASTM A792M, and Indian Standards IS15961:2012 & ISO 9364.

NewTech Steels is not just a manufacturer; we are a partner committed to delivering excellence in every project. Trust us as your Corrugated Steel Water Tank Manufacturer, Prefabricated Steel Storage Tank Manufacturer, and Galvanized Steel Tanks Manufacturer. Our expertise extends to being Industrial RO or DM Water Storage Tanks Manufacturers, ETP and STP Storage Tanks providers in Delhi, and specialists in crafting Fire Fighting Steel Storage Tanks and Customized Water Storage Tanks in Delhi. Contact us today, and let’s transform your storage needs into a reality.

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Atul Kumar

At NewTech Steels, our commitment revolves around achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction, continuously providing premium quality storage tanks and Grain Silos. We aim to deliver “value for money” products, solidifying our position as the best Zinc Alume water manufacturer in Delhi NCR and a leading zinc aluminium tank manufacturing company. Our focus extends to serving diverse needs, including commercial water storage tanks in Delhi, corrugated steel water tank manufacturing, prefabricated steel storage tank production, and being recognized as galvanized steel tanks manufacturers.

We understand the critical role water and food play in every living being’s life. Thus, our mission is to challenge traditional methods of water and grain conservation, mitigating the high risk factors of contamination and plague. Through our top-of-the-range, quality products, we contribute to the restoration of these invaluable essentials of life.

Building strong client relationships through industrious work, we are eager to expand our horizons, leaving no stone unturned in our efforts. Our goal is to develop a product range that defines a new era of manufacturing, anticipating the future needs of our generation. We value your continuous support and supplemental guidance as we strive for success.

Moving forward, our commitment to improvement will lead to constant upgradations in our company and services. We pledge to uphold ethical business practices, maintain respect for every individual, and grow our business in ways that earn the trust of those we encounter. At Newtech Steels, we not only deliver storage solutions but also embody a commitment to excellence and innovation. Join us on this journey toward a better tomorrow.



Our mission at NewTech Steels is to be the leading Zinc Alume water manufacturer in Delhi NCR, offering a comprehensive solution for water storage, whether for drinking, domestic use, or firefighting purposes. As the best zinc aluminium tank manufacturing company, we aim to provide our customers with top-tier products and services that not only promote good health but also adhere to environmental regulations.

Specializing in various storage solutions, including commercial water storage tanks in Delhi, we are dedicated to being a single-point solution for our customers. Our commitment extends to manufacturing high-quality Corrugated Steel Water Tanks, Prefabricated Steel Storage Tanks, and Galvanized Steel Tanks. As leading manufacturers of Industrial RO or DM Water Storage Tanks, we prioritize purity and safety in water storage.

At NewTech Steels, our dedication to excellence is evident in our role as ETP and STP Storage Tanks providers in Delhi. We are not just crafting tanks; we are contributing to the preservation of water for the ecosystem and future generations. Our fire fighting steel storage tanks are engineered for emergencies, ensuring the protection of life and property.


Priyank Kumar Chaudary

Operational Head


Saurabh Sharma

Here in NEWTECH STEELS, we set specific targets. With a strong urge to reach the targets, we have been able to convert our dreams to realities.
We involved in the construction field for many years in industrial sectors like JAL JEEVAN MISSION, Hotel & Resorts, Institutes & Universities, Distilleries, Power & Water, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals & FMCG.

Our core values of integrity, teamwork and commitment guide our activities and we expect the organizations with which we do business to share our commitments.

Deliver Environmentally Responsible Client Services Deliver the quality of service with aim of customer Satisfaction Provide Employees with an Attractive Working Environment.

Whether it is a residential, commercial, industrial or unique project, our reputation is on the line. It’s not a task we take lightly. It is a commitment that made our clients always come back to us and new clients seek our experience.

We recognizing that sustainable best practices have changed and will continue to evolve, NEWTECH STEELS serve as ambassadors for environmental, social and economic sustainability to Our Client.

Cheif Admin Officer


I extend a warm welcome to you on behalf of NewTech Steels. As the Chief Administrative Officer, it is my pleasure to guide our team towards delivering exceptional service and quality products.

At NewTech Steels, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our operations, and my role involves overseeing administrative functions to ensure a seamless experience for our clients. From optimizing processes to fostering a culture of innovation and efficiency, my goal is to uphold the highest standards throughout our organization.

If you have any inquiries, feedback, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out. We value your input and are dedicated to continually enhancing your experience with NewTech Steels.

Shruti Chaudary

Our Technology

In collaboration with Zincalume Tata BlueScope which uses marine grade Zincalume-Silicon Alloy steel of AZ 150 or AZ 200, which offers best available surface protection against corrosion even in harshest environment like costal region or the regions with high rain fall or snow fall, is used for wall sheets and roof panels. It is offered with a yielding strength of minimum 300 MPa to minimum 550 MPa depending on the application. ZINCALUMEⓇ steel complies with AS1397, ASTM A792M, IS 15961 and ISO 9364 standards.

Our Zincalume Bolted Panel Tanks are fabricated using the best grade of Steel as MOC which is coated with 55% Aluminium, 43.5% Zinc & 1.5% Silicon. Hence, they are also known as Zinc Aluminium Tanks or  Galvanised Tank. It is lightweight, durable and versatile. The Zincalume sheet has about 40 years of life and comes with 10 years of Corrosion Warranty. These tanks last up to four times longer than galvanized steel. All our tanks can be customized according to any design as per the requirement of the client.